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Height Adjustable Mounts


New in March, 2018 – BalanceBox 400 Mark 2

  The next generation BalanceBox 400 is now capable handling panels up to 86″ in diameter.  Find our new spec sheet below in the BalanceBox 400 Specs section.

Beeld Balancebox 400

For interactive flatpanel solutions

The BalanceBox® is the perfect solution to move your touch screen up and down manually. BalanceBox® 400 has a weight capacity up to 198 and BalanceBox® 650 up to 372 pounds.  Both have a compact design with a stylish stainless steel cover that is hidden behind the screen. Interface brackets for all screen sizes, a mobile stand and a floor support are available as accessories.

Features and benefits BalanceBox®

Ergonomics: effortless high-low adjustment
Design: stylish stainless steel cover
Safety: UL recognized and CE (ISO 60950)
Manual: no motor, no electricity needed
Reliability: tested to 60,000 cycles
Mounting: easy and safe mounting, different surfaces < 30 minutes
Logistics: compact packaging, relatively low transport costs
Maintenance: maintenance-free
Balance Box 400

400 Spec Sheets & Videos

NEW! BalanceBox 400 Mark 2 for panels up to 86″ / 198 lbs. – 480A1(X) (See Video)

BalanceBox 400 VESA Interface (200mm-800mm) – 481A21

BalanceBox 400 3rd Party VESA Interface – 481A41

BalanceBox 400 Mobile Stand – 481A31002

BalanceBox 400 UL-Rated Mobile Stand – 481A47002

BalanceBox 400 Floor Support – 481A42

650 Spec Sheets

BalanceBox 650 for panels up to 372 lbs. – 484A(xx)

BalanceBox 650 VESA Interface – 481A19 

BalanceBox 650 Mobile Stand – 481A50

BalanceBox 650 Floor Support – 481A13

EBox Wall Mount 270×270

Motorized Height-Adjustment Solutions

eBox® motorized mounts are the perfect solution when you need greater range of motion than we offer with BalanceBox®.  These UL Rated, double-column design products guarantee the stability needed to work with Interactive Touchscreens.  The wired remote control unit (no batteries) can be placed at a convenient and easy to reach location, allowing the user to adjust the height of the screen safely and quietly. The stands have an anti-collision feature on the height adjust motors to prevent accidental pinching; when the system is moving and senses an obstruction, it will stop and retreat.

The height adjust motor is the fastest in its class at 1.5” (38 mm) per second travel speed and has a soft-start and soft-stop.  With 26” of travel on the mobile stands and 34″ on the wall mount, travel will guarantee full screen access for all users, including wheelchair users.  With the optional accessories the product can be equipped for use with a laptop or keyboard tray.

E - Box

E- Box Spec Sheets & Videos

eBox Motorized Mobile Stand  – 487A01 (See Video)

eBox Motorized Wall Mount – 487A02 (See Video)

eBox Motorized Tilt Table Mobile Stand – 487A03 (See Video)

E- Box Accessories

eBox Laptop / Keyboard Tray – 481A101

eBox Conferencing Camera Tray – 481A104

eBox Universal Soundbar Mount – 481A105

eBox VESA Adapter fo 700/800×500 or 700/800×600 – 481A102

eBox VESA Adapter fo 700/800×200 or 700/800×400 – 481A103

eBox Wall Mount Extender Bracket – 481A107

BalanceBox High 270x270

For interactive whiteboard solutions

The BalanceBox® 400h is the best height adjustable solution for large interactive whiteboards.  Move your whiteboard as well as the projector up and down in an effortless way. The BalanceBox® 400h has a weight capacity up to 200 lbs and is suitable for extra large whiteboards up to 120 inch. The mount gives you great comfort: simply move the board by hand to the required position.

Features and benefits BalanceBox® HIGH

Ergonomics: effortless high-low adjustment
Compact: hidden behind the screen
Safety: UL recognized and CE (ISO 60950)
Manual: no motor, no electricity needed
Reliability: to 60,000 cycles
Mounting: easy and safe mounting, different surfaces < 30 minutes
Logistics: compact packaging, relatively low transport costs
Maintenance: maintenance-free
BalanceBox HIGH

HIGH Spec Sheets

BalanceBox HIGH – 485A(xx)

BalanceBox HIGH Universal Whiteboard Frame – 481A35

BalanceBox HIGH Smart Whiteboard Frame – 481A24

BalanceBox HIGH Universal Projector Plate – 481A38

BalanceBox Wing Thumb

BalanceBox® Wings-6 and Wings-4 Manual Adjust Whiteboard

An accessory to the BalanceBox® 650, BalanceBox® Wings Whiteboard Frame offers the best of both worlds in classroom education.  With Wings-6, the presenter has 6 writing surfaces at his or her disposal; 4 visible and two concealed.  Open the center Wings to reveal the other 2 surfaces on the back of the closed set and reveal the interactive panel of your choice.  The less costly Wings-4 offers just the center set of Wings to the instructor, eliminating the fixed side panels.  Whichever configuration you choose, the entire assembly is raised and lowered up to 25.6″, whiteboards and all, to match either the height of the student or the teacher.

The Wings Whiteboard Frame is mounted on the BalanceBox® 650 height adjustable mount, so it requires no electricity.  It comes in 3 configurations to accommodate 60-65 inch panels, 70-75 inch panels, or 80-86 inch panels weighting up to 213 lbs.  High quality enamel whiteboard writing surfaces also allow for the use of magnets for posting notes or documents.


BalanceBox® Wings Spec Sheets & Videos

BalanceBox Wings Flyer – 481A75/76 Flyer (See Video)

BalanceBox Wings Specs – 481A75/76 Specs

Balance Box Solutions

The BalanceBox is our innovative height adjustable mount solution based on a patented technology. You can move your display up and down with just the use of your fingertips. The BalanceBox is truly unique and very user-friendly, no electric connection is needed . The BalanceBox gives you ultimate comfort, is extremely reliable and safe.

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